Who we are and
what we do


We are a global management consulting company specialising in integration.

Our industry-leading NextGen Integrated Operating Model is a unique point of difference.


We follow a structured approach to assessment, design and delivery.

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Our experience and expertise in Integrated Operations has made us thought leaders in this space, setting new benchmarks for the industry.

We led the design and delivery of the world's first Rio Tinto Iron Ore Integrated Operations Centre in Perth, a groundbreaking initiative.

We authored the book 'Don't Digitise Your Rubbish', the mining industry's definitive book on integration.

Our comprehensive fully integrated operating model is designed to address the fundamental issues behind declining productivity.

It also provides an essential platform for a progressive technology and digitisation strategy, which is a rapidly advancing priority for all companies.

Any operation that aspires to true operational excellence should be following this approach ... the benefits are enormous and quantifiable.

And any operation that intends to move boldly towards a digital future shouldn’t think of doing so without doing this first.

With deep practical expertise in mining, we provide sustainable solutions with empathy for your operational challenges.

Our track record demonstrates successful sustainable transformational change, achieved through a collaborative co-design approach with senior leadership.

We are ready to help.

"What I like about NextGenOpX is that you challenge our thinking, and bring solutions to things that we have collectively just accepted for years."

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