What is integration and why is it important?

Integration is about aligning everyone and everything in the business around delivery of the right business strategy.

Our NextGen Integrated Operating Model provides absolute clarity on how the parts of an operation need to play together to deliver an optimised result.


What integration involves is:

  • Clarity of purpose, clarity of roles and accountabilities, and focusing management processes on the right things
  • Managing data, turning it into useful transparent information, and providing it to the right people, in the right way
  • Leveraging these processes and information to drive the right whole-system decisions
  • Simplifying systems and processes across the business to make it easier for people to do their jobs

Unfortunately, very few operations do this successfully … the norm is siloed, fragmented, misaligned behaviour, and an abundance of short-term initiatives, driven by a big stick rather than a systemic, sustainable approach that addresses the core underlying issues.

Integration is key, and used to happen naturally when teams were more stable and had better knowledge retention and less external distractions … but now due to profoundly higher levels of complexity and turnover in management roles, it no longer happens naturally.

It is now necessary to systematise integration ... the NextGen Integrated Operating Model will do this for you.

"The NextGen model makes absolute sense to me, and is what I have had in my head for 30 years but have never been able to articulate clearly, or work out how to do it in practice."

Mining client